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OnePlus 3 Review

OnePlus 3 – The flagship which threatens other flagship phones? OnePlus has finally released their flagship phone of the year. And keeping in line with their company ethos of “high specs at low price”; they’ve hit the mark this time! Design One of the con

Google Home

Google Home

Google Home – Finally a competitor to Amazon Echo? The stage was Google I/O 2016 and the product showcased was Google Home. Mario Queiroz is heading this product, better known as the man behind Google Chromecast. What is Google Home? Google Home is a smart-home

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 Review

Finally the new Nexus phone by google is here! And as per tradition it comes out with an OS update in the form of Android 5.0 named Lollipop. Also this time the Nexus phone has been manufactured by Motorola unlike the pervious devices which were